ZT Domain Checker Guide


Current version Version 1.0.1 release Apr 01, 2015

ZT Domain Checker is a free extension for checking domain’s availability, used for Joomla 3.x

1. How to Install

  • Download this plugin from our Download center
  • All steps are in administrator backend of Joomla!:
    • In your Administrator page, go to Extensions > Extension Manager
    • In this page, click Choose File, select installer package.
    • Then click Upload & Install

Please wait plugin being installed, usually within several seconds.

2. How to Configure

Here’re an example of how ZT Domain Checker is displaying on the frontend:


Backend Settings:


Item Decscription
Label Title of module, ex: GET DOMAIN
Input Text The tag specifies an input field where the user can enter data.
Button Inside a
Forward URL set up URL forwarding for a domain, ex: index.php/result
Ltd information appears in the public WHOIS database. ex: com:10 USD- it means domain.com costs $10.

Note: Remember to enable this module and do the other settings for it.