ZT One Page Checkout Guide


Current Version 1.0.0 Released Jun 08, 2015

Thank you for downloading our ZT One Page Checkout! We hope this guidel is a little help but if you have more questions so you should open new ticket at our Helpdesk to get more help!

ZT One Page Checkoutis innovative way of checkout process of your Joomla customers. ZT One Page Checkout allows your customers finish their order easily and quickly by filling out a few fields conveniently displayed on one, simple check out page. If you are considering a one page checkout to your Joomla Virtuemart store, ZT One Page Checkout is a proven, well renowned and safe choice.

Compatibility: Joomla! version 3.x.

Some Features

  • Responsive One Page Checkout Plugin for VirtueMart 3
  • Compatible with Joomla! 3.x
  • No hacks or manual installation needed. Just install the plugin through your Joomla Extension Installer and you are ready to go.
  • Works with all Joomla Templates.
  • Fully ajax based system. Complete checkout within 1 min.
  • Ajax based email and username verification during user registration. Saves time.
  • Comes with two different checkout layout styles. Choose the one which suits you best.
  • Comes in both light and dark color styles.
  • Ajax based quantity update in cart
  • Encourage yours customer to register by showing registration advantages.
  • Enable/disable guest checkout
  • Enable/disable default use of billing address as shipping address
  • Ajax checkout displays running process this increases conversions
  • Additional module position in cart page (cart-promo)
  • Compatible to Alatak USPS Shipment Plugin
  • Compatible to Advanced Shipping by Rules Plugin
  • Compatible to all standard VirtueMart Shipment Methods
  • Compatible to AwoCoupon Pro
  • Compatible to Klarna Payment
  • Compatible to PayPal, PayPal Pro, Authorize.net and all other standard VirtueMart payment methods
  • Compatible to Daycounts VirtueMart Bonus Products
  • Magic Fix for the User Activation problem of VirtueMart after registration
  • Full SSL support
  • Fully Bot Protected Ajax System
  • Override layout files using your Joomla Template
  • Override CSS and JavaScript files using your Joomla Template

1. Installtion Guide

In this document, we will step by step instructions for installing and using ZT One Page Checkout effectively. You only need to take a few quick steps:

1. 1. Download extension package

  • Extract or Unzip zooframework_vx.y.z and plg_zt_onepage_checkout_va.b.c (x.y.z is the version of Zooframework and a.b.c is the version of ZT One Page Checkout) file to your desktop and you can see package calleds zooframework_vx.y.z and plg_zt_onepage_checkout_va.b.c

1. 2. Install extension package

*More guide will be available in How to install new Joomla extensions manually


Note: Remember to intall both ZooFramework and ZT One Page Checkout

2. Extensions Usage Guide

ZT One Page Checkout is really so easy to use. Follow some basic steps mentioned below and enjoy the amazing Joomla extension.

  • Follow the path Extensions > Plugin Manager , you can find System - ZT One Page Checkout and System - ZooFramework. Enable them!


  • After that, you can see a message:


  • Now, jump to the front-end then check the result:


3. Frequently Asked Questions

ZT One Page Checkout is an easy-to-use extension, equipped with various features.

A: Please login to your ZooTemplate account and create a new ticket in Help Desk System. Our staffs will be there to assist you and get the problem solved.

4. Support Us

We want to know if you are happy, unhappy, or disappointed with something the feature has done, or if you have a suggestion about how we can do something better.

All feedback will be taken seriously and treated confidentially.