ZT Shortcodes Guide


Current version Version 2.0.3 released Apr 24, 2015

All Joomla templates based on Zo2Framework on board comes with 25 built-in shortcodes (e.g. tabs, gallery, video, google map etc.) that users can attach to certain pages by adding the corresponding macro codes into articles or even modules. But we went a step further than the competition, we created ZT Shortcodes plugin for Joomla 3.x. This is a free plugin for adding & displaying ZT shortcodes on your website.

1. How to Install

  • Prepare your plugin package (note that you should choose the newest installer version that is compatible with your current Joomla version), download this plugin from our Download center
  • All steps are in administrator backend of Joomla!:
    • In your Administrator page, go to Extensions > Extension Manager
    • In this page, click Choose File, select installer package.
    • Then click Upload & Install


Please wait plugin being installed, usually within several seconds.

2. How to Configure

  • First of all, go to Extension > Plug-in Manager > Search in Plug-in title “ZT Shortcodes”.
  • Secondly, enable the Shortcode plugin
  • Finally, plug-in configuration


3. How to Use

The shortcodes supports users to make content for web pages. In Joomla administrator,ZT Shortcodes button will be appeared below the text-area, you can choose shortcodes for the text-area to make content.

Note: Shortcodes only works in detail article (Joomla! Content, K2 content), Custom html module.

3. 1. Using Shortcodes button in Articles

Shortcodes can use in detail article (K2 and Content). Here is for example with Content article:

  • Please navigate to Content > Article Manager > Add New Article > Simply click the “ZT Shortcodes” button and choose of the element you would like to insert.



Now you should fill out all of the available parameters and your content, for example Title and Content of tabs. You can simply include these info in your shortcode as well later.


The shortcodes will automatically populate with the content you entered.


3. 2. Using Shortcodes button in HTML Module

All kinds of Shortcodes can be also used in Custom HTML modules, Joomla! offers the possibility to apply additional functions to content, but because they are from plugin it needs to be enabled in module options in each module which you going to use for them.

If you want to use Shortcodes in Custom HTML Module. Please navigate to Extensions > Module Manager > Add New Module” with “Custom HTML” module type > click ZT Shortcodes button and select any Shortcodes type as you want to edit.


Note: In Custom HTML module type (Option tab), the option is called: Prepare Content must be [YES]. If you turn on the Prepare Content, the HTML content you added to the module will be treated as any article content. Note: But there are some third-party modules that don’t have the “Prepare Content” option. All rest steps are this same as it was in article example.