ZT Techland Guide


Version 1.0.0 released November 13rd, 2015

If you are looking for a template which is adventurous as well as unique, ZT Techland is surely a good choice for you. ZooTemplate is glad to introduce to you the first amazing virtuemart Joomla template product – ZT Techland – lauching as a gift to thank you for your care and support us for a long time. It belongs to the Premium Joomla Templates and moreover, ZT Techland’s layout is crisp, clean and corporate great for business website but also will work for any corporate style website. ZT Techland is now compatible with Joomla 3.x & Zo2Framework 1.4.7.

Last but not least, we greatly appreciate your feedback from you to make this documentation improved. If you have any further question, please kindly contact to us via our Helpdesk. Our smart and flexible staffs are always ready to help you. So, feel free to be servered with best quality!

2.Help & Support


You may find these sites useful while installing and configuring your Joomla site!:

Joomla installation

Joomla help

Online Joomla guide

There are many tutorials, acticles and forums to help you learn how to use this Joomla template and its features.
This section provides helpful links to instructions on commonly used this Joomla template features, but you can learn even more by exploring these resources:

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There are 2 methods of installing the ZT Techland template:

3.1.Installation of demo site

If you’ve just started building your Joomla site from the scratch, we recommend following Quick start guide to install the entire site comes with demo data. Installing Quickstart package is like install normal joomla.

If you already have a working Joomla site and database – go to Installation for live Joomla site.

3.2.Installation for live Joomla site

To install ZT Techland you only need to take a few quick steps:

ZT Techland template Installation

  • In Joomla administration go to menu Extensions > Extension Manager > then select Browse button and localte ZT Techland files.

You have 2 options A or B to install the ZT Techland:

  • A. Option 1:

A1. Install zo2_plugin_installer.zip. After that click on button Upload &Install.

A2. Install tpl_zo2_Techland_j3x_vx.y.z.zip (x.y.z is the version of ZT Techland). After that click on button Upload &Install.

  • B. Option 2:

Install pkg_zo2_Techland_j3x_vx.y.z.zip. After that click on button Upload &Install.

ZT Techland template Activation

  • Go to Back-end => Extensions => Plugin Manager => Use the Filter to search for System – Zo2 Framework and enable it.


  • Once ZT Techland is installed in your Joomla site, you need to make it default for your website so your pages get the new design.
    Please go to Extensions => Template Manager=> Zo2_Techland- Default => Click on the star icon next to it.



4.1.Extensions Configuration

Module Configuration

Zt Shortcodes

A good new for you, All new Joomla templates with Zo2Framework now comes with 25 built-in shortcodes (e.g. tabs, gallery, video, google map etc.) that users can attach. With this new Joomla extension, you can have an extensive collection of powerful ecommerce features that benefits all from shop owners, developers, to customers:tach to certain pages by adding the corresponding macro codes into articles or even modules. But we went a step further than the competition, we created ZT Shortcode Generator plugin for Joomla 3.x. This is a free plugin for adding & displaying Zo2 shortcodes on your website.

  • Download ZT Shortcodes and install it via Extensions > Extension Manager
  • You can find & enable the settings for this plugin by going to Extension > Plug-in Manager > Search in Plug-in title “Shortcodes”.
  • ZT Short Code Usage:
  • Sample 1:Shortcodes can use in detail article (K2 and Content). Here is for example with Content article: Please navigate to Content > Article Manager > Add New Article > click `ZT Shortcodes” button and select any Shortcodes type as you want to edit. Note that UPPERCASE is where you can edit code.Sample 2:If you want to use Shortcodes in Custom HTML Module. Please navigate to Extensions > Module Manager > Add New Module with “Custom HTML” module type > click “ZT Shortcodes” button and select any Shortcodes type as you want to edit. Note that UPPERCASE is where you can edit code.For both samples, after selecting your own shortcode, you should fill out all of the available parameters and your content, for example Title and Content of tabs. You can simply include these info in your shortcode as well later. The shortcodes will automatically populate with the content you entered.


    Version: Virtuemart version 3.0.9



    A more detailed instruction about how to edit and configure Virtuemart can be found in Virtuemart Extension Configuration Manual.



  • Position: position-4
  • Type: VirtueMart Category
  • Access: Public
  • Show title: Show
  • Pages: On All Pages


  • Position: position-26
  • Type: VirtueMart Shopping Cart
  • Access: Public
  • Show title: Hide
  • Pages: On All Pages
Featured products


  • Position: position-4
  • Type: VirtueMart Products
  • Access: Public
  • Show title: Show
  • Pages: On All Pages

Zt Wishlist


  • Position: position-26
  • Type: Zt Wishlist
  • Access: Public
  • Show title: Hide
  • Pages: On All Pages

Zt Comparelist


  • Position: position-26
  • Type: Zt Comparelist
  • Access: Public
  • Show title: Hide
  • Pages: On All Pages

What’s new!


  • Position: position-13
  • Type: Customs HTML
  • Access: Public
  • Show title: Hide
  • Pages: Home

Top Home


  • Position: position-15
  • Type: Customs HTML
  • Access: Public
  • Show title: Hide
  • Pages: Home

What’s new!


  • Position: position-13
  • Type: Customs HTML
  • Access: Public
  • Show title: Hide
  • Pages: Home



  • Position: position-2
  • Type: Breadcrumbs
  • Access: Public
  • Show title: Hide
  • Pages: On All Pages except Home



  • Position: position-33
  • Type: Customs HTML
  • Access: Public
  • Show title:Show
  • Pages: All Pages

Userful links


  • Position: position-34
  • Type: Customs HTML
  • Access: Public
  • Show title:Show
  • Pages: All Pages

About company


  • Position: position-35
  • Type: Customs HTML
  • Access: Public
  • Show title:Show
  • Pages: All Pages



  • Position: position-22
  • Type: Customs HTML
  • Access: Public
  • Show title:Hide
  • Pages: All Pages

Acout Company


  • Position: position-23
  • Type: Customs HTML
  • Access: Public
  • Show title:Hide
  • Pages: All Pages

Module Class Suffix

Module Class Suffix is a parameter in Joomla! modules. This toturial will show you the easiest way to add and use Module Class Suffix to fine-tune the appearance of your site. The guide will be shown in Joomla! 3.4.1 and do the same with other Joomla versions.


*You can find all Module Class Suffix settings by following the guide about Module Class Suffix


4.2.Mega Menu

ZO2 Framework supports Mega Menu adding lots of advanced features. This Mega Menu is a perfect choice for creating unique menus. You can create a vertical, horizontal or fixed responsive menu with many custom styles and effects.

Please note that the megamenu setting is not global setting. If you use multiple styles, you need to enable and configure the megamenu option in the style you want to use the feature.

ZO2 Framework Mega Menu consists of 2 parts: Mega Menu Configuration and Mega Menu Edit

  • *You can find more related detailed configuration guide in Mega Menu


4.3.Layout Builders

Layout Builder is one of the unique features introduced in Zo2Framework which supports multiple layouts that allow you to make your content displayed flexibly. In the layout builder we used 12 columns. We called the columns as col. This means in our layout builder we used 12 cols. This 12 cols covered the whole width of our layout. If Users wants to create 4 columns then have to use col3 for every column. Also if anyone wants to create 3 columns then have use col4 for every column.


This part brings more functionalities and improvement user interface in managing template layouts, including:

  • Specify the number of modules to be placed within a module position.
  • Set the width for Column using bootstrap spanX classes (form col1 to col12)
  • Set any of the above options for either tablet/mobile or desktop mode through Column’s/Row’s Settings.
  • Change the name of each row, and also select any module to each column.


*You can find all Layout builder settings by following the guide about Layout Builder

4.4.Fonts, Theme Preset and Advanced Settings


Built in new Zo2 Framework, ZT Logitic provides you a various of settings:

  • General Settings: These are the general options for the templates
  • The Font Settings: provides the ability to change the font size as well as the font type used in the template. Many popular web fonts are included as options and some templates also include additional custom font options.
  • Theme Preset: The Presets Style Panel in ZO2 Framework makes use of a powerful Preset system that allows you to create preset styles and customization.
  • Advanced Settings: show up with many advanced options related to RTL, sticky menu, responsive layout, switcher box, custom css, tracking code and developer options.

Please visit to our Zo2 Framework document site to see the setting for each section.

5.Frequently Asked Questions

7. 1. How can I change my Joomla site favicon?


7. 2. How to change browser page title?


  • Simply, just refer this guide to know to to change Browser/Homepage/Site’s Title.

7. 3. How to create multiple languages in this template?



7. 4. How to edit CSS, Javascript of the Template?


Please follow the How to custom template’s CSS and Javascript tutorial will take you through the steps needed to add a custom stylesheet to your ZO2 template, without worrying about lost changes when the template or ZO2 framework are updated.

6.Support Us

Thank you for reading!

We hope you can create the best website with our template.

Four again, thank you so much for using our template. As i said at the beginning, i’d be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this template. No guarantees, but i’ll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the template.

Do not hesitant to contact us by submiting ticket via our helpdesk – http://member.zootemplate.com/helpdesk.

Please take a screenshot photo with descriptions about your problem. More details about your problems help us more easier to figure out and respond you sooner.

  • Scope of Support:

Our support covers getting setup, trouble using any features and any bug fixes that may arise. Unfortunately we cannot provide support for customizations or 3rd party plugins. If you need help with customizations of your template, please contact with us with your requirement. Our technical team will help you with some fees.

  • Support Schedule:

Our working time is 8:00am – 5:00pm from Monday to Friday (GMT+7) and 8:00am- 11:30am Saturday. So if you email us or submit ticket besides this working time, we are really sorry that we are not able to respond you soon. We will try to reply you as fast as we can. Especially if you email or submit ticket at weekend, please be patient and we will respond to you right when we are back on Monday.

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