How to change browser page title

It’s very easy to change browser page title but the problem is that you have to know where to look for the correct parameter. Don’t worry, this tutorial will help you.

1. Change browser title in Joomla 3.x

It is a common question that comes up often from customers who are starting out using Joomla for the first time.


The default value for Browser Page Title is Menu Item Title.

Since it’s important for a site SEO optimization, it’s worth to use the professional words that best describe a specialization of your company. You can enter different useful keywords for each menu item.

  • We are going to change the browser page title for the Home menu item. Please go to Menu Manager and open the appropriate menu item.


  • Open the Page Display section. Specify Browser page title. Save changes. You can do the same for all menu items.


  • Refresh the page. We have changed the browser page title.


2. Add Site Name to Page Title

You can include Joomla site name to page title. Open the Global Configuration -> Site tab. Set Site name. Specify the appropriate value for theInclude Site Name in Page Titles field. You can set it below or after the page title. Save changes.


Refresh the page. Joomla site name shows up in the browser page title.