Information for clients using GoDaddy


We recommend to transfer your site to an other hosting provider. Goddady hosting is suck!

GoDaddy, like many other shared hosts, is trying to cram as many sites as possible on a single physical server. A server has a finite amount of resources (processing power, memory, hard disk space, network bandwidth). The only way to cram as many sites as possible is applying restrictions to how much resources they can use.

GoDaddy used to have very tight resource limits. The limits GoDaddy has chosen are UNREALISTIC. They only demonstrate that their servers are oversold and used well beyond their capacity. They are effectively telling you that they charge you as much as other companies, or even more, for a service that’s far worse and for servers that cannot cope with the demand! The only course of action you can possibly take is first notify GoDaddy about the problem they have caused, then move to a decent host if they do not want to change their server settings to be more realistic. We strongly recommend SiteGround and Rochen for hosting your Joomla! or WordPress site.

Unfortunately, we cannot do anything on our part to help you. The only course of action on our part is to decline providing support to GoDaddy clients because their issues are caused by GoDaddy settings which are outside our control. Any tickets regarding issues on GoDaddy will be sent a link to this page and closed.

Important clarification: host-related issues are not a valid reason for a refund per our Terms of Service. The reasoning behind this is that it’s easy to cancel your hosting account with the bad host (and get a refund of the unused hosting time if you paid in advance) and move to another, decent host with pretty much the same monthly cost and a much better service level.

Thank you for your understanding.