solved_ “warning juser_ __load_ unable to load user with id” joomla issue

1. Introduction

If you have used a Joomla! QuickStart package and you’ve deleted all the “demo” users – the Joomla! system could be ‘disappointed’ because it would now have a problem to associate previously-created content or added items to the user, which no longer exists. It’s like a book without an author (on the cover); something is missing/wrong. That’s why you might see the Warning JUser: :_load: Unable to load user with ID:895 message. There are multiple fixes for this issue but some of them require code hacking – we prefer only 100% universal and safe solutions.

2. How to fix “Unable to load user” without reinstalling whole Joomla! Quickstart

Relax, it can be fixed without reinstalling the whole Quickstart – so you will not lose any changes or added content. If you deleted the user permanently all you have to do is create a new user and add the missing ID to him. Please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Using the User Manager create a new User – with Administrator rights – it means that User must be assigned to at least to the Administratorgroup as a minimum.


Step 2: Unfortunately You can’t choose which ID a user will have before it’s created. But, once that user is created, you can change its ID. Note what ID the newly-created user will have, as it is important information we’ll shortly require again.

Step 3: Now please backup your database before making any modifications to it!

Step 4: Open your Joomla database using the PHPMyadmin tool.

Step 5: In your configuration.php file check what database prefix you have used for this installation.


Step 6: w in your DataBase Manager tool (check point 4) use the search option and search for the #_users table – where # is your Joomla! database prefix. Or just scroll through the whole screen until you find this:


Step 7: Change that user’s ID to 895 (or whatever ID given by your error message) in the #__users table. Remember to Save changes.


Step 8: Now find the #_user_usergroup_map table. Find and open (click Edit icon) the record with the group_id value; change the value to 895, then click the Save button.


Step 9: That’s all, the issue should be fixed.