troubleshooting when downloading template from zootemplate

When you purchased a membership package of ZooTemplate, you got a variety of benefits including downloading the responsive joomla template from our website. However, when you enter the download link, it only gives you the option to purchase and re-directs you to paypal page. So, you wonder “Why I can not download the template?”. Do not worry about that. Now, we will give you a solution for this problem.

You have to follow step by step:

1. Step 1: Sign out from our download system


2. Step 2: Sign in to our download system again


3. Step 3: Restart dowloading

  • Choose the menu Package & select the package which you wan to download.


Note: If you still can’t download the template, then please clear your browser cache and cookie. After that repeat the step 2 & step 3.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions. We highly appreciate your support!