Virtuemart Extension Guide


VirtueMart is a highly configurable and customizable multi-language shopping cart solution for Joomla 2.5 and 3 with a large number of additional extensions.

1. Overview


  • Products: Product Categories, Products, Custom Fields, Inventory, Taxes & Calculation Rules, Reviews & Ratings.
  • Orders & Shoppers: Orders, Revenue Report, Shoppers, Shopper Groups, Coupons.
  • Manufacturers: Manufacturers, Manufacturer Categories.
  • Shop: Shop, Media Files, Shipment Methods, Payment Methods.
  • Configuration:Configuration, Shopper Fields, Order Statuses, Currencies, Countries.
  • Tools: Tools & Migration, Control Panel, Logs, Support, Helps Topics, Forum, About.

We are going to give some more details below so please follow these steps to configure and use new VirtueMart effectively :

At first, to manage your own online shop, you have to go to VirtueMart on the top menu and log in the configuration areas mentioned below.

There are a few specific settings that you should use when using the VirtueMart

2. Modify the shop information

  • Choose Shop from the left column or from the top menu. shop

2. 1. Modify Vendor Information

vendor information

  • Shop Name: Change to the name of your shop or company
  • Vendor Name: Enter your vendor name.
  • URL: Attach your site’s URL
  • Minimum purchase order value for your shop: Give a number to set the barrier for this category

2. 2. Modify the base currency

base currency

  • Scroll down and switch your site to another currency.
  • In this case, the currency is United States dollar and all of the prices will be shown with a dollar sign in the cart.

2. 3. Modify the accepted currencies


  • Scroll down again and add more currencies to be accepted. The users can change the base currency to one in the currency field

2. 4. Change the logo image


  • Go toward to the Image Information area.
  • You can uncheck the box File published if you dont use a graphic.
  • Enter the name and detail of the image.
  • Used url: You can manually set the path to the image if it is available in site.
  • Browser and choose the desired image and upload

After that, click the Save & Close button to apply your changes.

3. Edit the payment methods


  • Reach Shop > Payment methods
  • ZT Payment is availble but you can add a new one if you like

3. 1. Add a new payment method


  • Choose New

3. 2. Modify


  • Go to Payment Method Information tab
  • Add Payment Name and Payment Description
  • Published: Choose Yes to publish
  • Payment Method: Scroll down and choose one method
  • Shopper Group: Choose the group this method will be used for
  • Click Save and swith to Configuration tab


  • Accepted Currency: You can choose the default Vendor
  • Choose Logo and types of Tax

After that, click the Save & Close button to apply your changes.

4. Modify the shipment methods


  • Click Shop > Shipment Methods

4. 1. Add a new shipment method


  • Do the same as Add a new payment method

4. 2. Modify


  • Change to the Configuration tab
  • Add the parameters

NaN. Frequently Asked Questions

VirtueMart is an easy-to-use extension, equipped with various features.

A: Please login to your ZooTemplate account and create a new ticket in Help Desk System. Our staffs will be there to assist you and get the problem solved.

NaN. Support Us

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All feedback will be taken seriously and treated confidentially.