General Settings

General Settings

Current version 1.4.4 (Jan 20, 2015)

Extensions > Template manager > zo2_hallo - Default > Zo2 tab.

1. Global setting

The Global Setting brings you the ability to configure for Theme and Layout. This allows to change logo type, both in standard and retina style, enableGo to top or not. Every options all become so simple for you.


2. Site name

This filed allows you to display the name of your website. Just enter the site name in the below field.


3. Slogan

To show website slogan, just enter your website slogan


In General Setting, you can easily create, change or remove the copyright in the footer.


  • To Show the copyright, please insert this following code into Copyright box:
Copyright © 2008 - 2013
<a href="" title="joomla templates">Joomla Templates</a>
by ZooTemplate.Com. All rights reserved.
  • Leave the Copyright box empty if you don’t want to show the copyright on the site.

In standard style, ZO2 enables you to select image or text logo. If you select to use image logo, browse to the image that is displayed as logo:

sta_logo image text

Browsing your logo in Retina style willhelp it look good on the Retina screens, like Iphone4,Iphone 4s, Iphone5,…


7. Go to top

This option provides your web users turn to top of the page wherever they are to help them save much more time. So you can enable this icon or not:


Zo2 also allows you to show Zo2 Logo in footer, otherwise, you can disable it:


There are many more options available for you to customize your own styles, however you have to go deep into below tabs. You can see example fromAdvanced setting tab. Many features will help you improve your site’s quality.


So, in case you even have any problems in setting, please contact to our support. We are always prepared to help you.