How to change the template name


All the fields in Zootemplate’s Joomla templates have their unique names. After a Joomla template installed, its name appears in the list of templates in the Template Manager. It is also visible in the source files of template. In this article, we will describe how you can change template folder & template name, since this may be not an easy task for beginner users of Joomla.

There are a few solutions which may help you change the template name, but here we will show you the simplest method, using a new Zootemplate template package, named Zo2 Divas that has just been downloaded from our download section. In the last remainder of this guideline, We are going to get into the details of instruction about changing template name after installation- You can find it here.

Now, please follow those steps:

1. Open the template folder

  • Download only Zo2 Divas template package from our download section.
  • Extract this file zip you have just downloaded.

2. Rename the template folder and files names

  • In the next step, you need to change the name of the template folder that you have just extracted.


Note: the template name should contain only lowercase letters. ex: template-name

  • Now, go to the template-name/language/en-GB directory.

Here you will find one language file in this directory:


  • Rename the language file name. Its name should include the template name, example from enGB.tpl_zo2_divas to enGB.tpl_template-name.ini

3. Edit the Error.php

The Error.php file is located in the our Joomla template folder. Now you need to change the name of Divas Joomla template in Error.php to math the new folder name.

  • Find zo2_divas in this php file and replace by new template name.


4. Edit the templateDetails.xml file

You can find the templateDetails.xml file located in the template folder. At the top of this file you will find the template name that you need to change.


5. New package and template installation.

You have just edited all files needed.

  • Now, you need to compress the template folder to a zip package.
  • Then install the template package via the Extensions > Extension Manager.
  • After that, simply set the renamed template as the default one. Don't worry it would be independent from orginal one even if you used QuickStart before.


Note: Renamed template might not have all settings from quickstart so you have to set them manually as they were/are in “old” one looking at them. So if you are using Quickstart uninstall old template after you will rewrite all settings.

6. Note

In case you want to change template name after installation, please follow some steps below:

  • Open template folder in your Joomla directory
  • Rename template folder and template files
  • Change the name of the template in two files below to match the folder name then Save:
  • In your backend, go to Extensions > Extensions Manager > Discover (tab from Toolbar).
  • Click on the Discover button to discover “template files” that may be available for install.
  • Select the discovered template in the Discover screen and click on the Install button.


Congratulations, You have just edited all files needed and aslo set up the renamed template in your Joomla site. We hope you will be satisfied of our templates. You are welcome to contact us if you want to leave us a feedback. Thank you very much for reading!