zo2 documentation overview

Here you’ll find the latest documentation and information concerning everything about ZO2 Framework!

1. Getting Started

About ZO2 Framework

System Requirements

How to install ZO2 Framework

How to install ZO2 Template

How to install ZO2 Quickstart Package

2. General


How to change footer copyright

Changing the site favicon


3. Profile

The default Profile

Creat a new Profile

Creat different layout for Profile

Custom style for new Profile

Assign any profile for any menu item

Save Profile

4. Layout Buider

Layout Builder

Adding a new row

Moving Module position

Adding a column

Assigning a Module to Column

Mega Menu Canvas Menu Sticky Menu
Menu Items How it works Enable & Disable Sticky Menu
Sub-Menu Items How to use Off-canvas menu
Add a sub menu
Add a column to sub menu
Assign a module to column
Move menu items
Group Sub-Items
Style and Add icon

6. Advanced

Advanced Advanced Setting in details
Advanced Settings Enable & Disable Style Switcher
Custom Preset & Style Responsive Layout
Multilingual Configuration RTL Language
Tracking Code Custom CSS & JS
Change the layout columns width Compress CSS/JS

7. Development

Understanding Zo2 structure

Zo2 template developing guide

How to change the template name

Adding a Custom Preset

Adding custom css and javascript files

Create Joomla template with Zo2 Framework – for Vietnamese

Upgrading to Zo2 v1.4.1

Upgrading to Zo2 v1.4.3

Upgrading to Zo2 v1.4.4